K12 Outreach Center

The TCC K12 Outreach Center was founded to provide quality individualized professional development opportunities for PK-12 educators.  Under the guidance of the K12 Advisory Council, local teachers, specialists, and administrators are employed to conduct workshops that will benefit all of the school districts in the Tulsa Region. This collaborative partnership identifies leaders in strands such as Literacy, STEM, Innovation, Leadership, RTI/Remediation and Counseling Services and provides a vessel for all in the area to share knowledge and resources. 

The K12 Outreach Center does not offer technology courses, technology courses are offered at the Eighth Floor. To enroll in courses, educators must be employed by a membership district, as courses are not open to the general public. For more information about joining the K12 Outreach Center, or to become or recommend an Adjunct Instructor, please contact Lori Kerns at lori.kerns@tulsacc.edu.

New classes added weekly.  All classes held at TCC Metro Campus, Room 523B


Class Name



Managing Aggressive Behavior Oct. 1, 2014 Dana Thompson
Understanding Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Oct. 16, 2014 Susan St. John
Creating Connections and a Preschool Classroom Community Oct. 29, 2014 Michelle Hamilton
The Literacy Experience Nov. 5, 2014 Eileen Richardson
New Administrators: Three Lessons of Leading-How to be an Effective Leader Nov. 12, 2014 Dr. Janet Dunlop
Five Dysfunctions of a Team Nov. 13, 2014 Charles Michie, Jr.
Conflict Resolution Training for K12 Support Personnel Nov. 25, 2014 Charles Michie, Jr
Problem Solving Through Projects Dec. 11, 2014 Teresa Pinkston
Everyone Communicates, Few Connect Dec. 12, 2014 Steve Watkins
Helping Your School Deal with Grief Jan. 14, 2015

Will Parker

Skiatook Public Schools

Revisiting Comprehension Jan. 22, 2015 Diana Beaulieu
Instructional Strategies Jan. 27, 2015

Teresa Pinkston,

Tulsa Technology Center

Making Learning Meaningful to Early Childhood Students Jan. 28, 2015

Michelle Hamilton

Community Action Project

Moving Beyond Persuasion: Argumentative Writing in Grades Six through Twelve Jan. 30, 2015

Dr. Laura Bolf-Beliveau

University of Central Oklahoma

The RTI Process: Supporting Students through Teamwork and Interventions Feb. 5, 2015

Mark Officer,

Broken Arrow Public Schools

Language Modeling and Conversations through Dialogic Reading in the Early Childhood Classroom Feb. 12, 2015

Michelle Hamilton,

Community Action Project

Positive Behavior Supports in the Classroom Feb. 17, 2015

Susan St. John-Oliver,

Owasso Public Schools

Giving Your Students the Confidence to Succeed Feb. 19, 2015

Shana Tilman

Youth Services Tulsa

How to Create System-Wide Support for Students, Parents, and Teachers Feb. 25, 2015

Dr. Janet Dunlop,

Broken Arrow Public Schools

Incorporating STEM Activities in Every Classroom Mar. 2, 2015

Richelle Krumsiek

Tulsa Technology Center

The Art of Presenting Mar. 2, 2015

Richelle Krumsiek

Tulsa Technology Center

Improving Social Skills for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder Mar. 11, 2015

Linda Roberts

Broken Arrow Public Schools

Graphic Novels Mar. 11, 2015

Dr. Eileen Richardson

Tulsa Community College

Open Educational Resources Mar. 31, 2015

Jennifer Kneafsey

Tulsa Community College

Teaching the Way the Brain Learns Apr. 7, 2015 Dawna Mosburg
Building a Framework to Develop Productive Teams Apr. 16, 2015 Diana Beaulieu
Classroom Management Apr. 22, 2015

Teresa Pinkston

Tulsa Technology Center

Creating Innovators May 6, 2015

Richelle Krumsiek

Tulsa Technology Center

Understanding Your Purpose May 13, 2015

Will Parker

Skiatook Public Schools

Elementary Learning Walk May 14, 2015

Dr. Lisa Muller

Jenks Public Schools