K12 Outreach Center

The TCC K12 Outreach Center was founded to provide quality individualized professional development opportunities for PK-12 educators.  Under the guidance of the K12 Advisory Council, local teachers, specialists, and administrators are employed to conduct workshops that will benefit all of the school districts in the Tulsa Region. This collaborative partnership identifies leaders in strands such as Literacy, STEM, Innovation, Leadership, RTI/Remediation and Counseling Services and provides a vessel for all in the area to share knowledge and resources. 

The K12 Outreach Center does not offer technology courses, technology courses are offered at the Eighth Floor. To enroll in courses, educators must be employed by a membership district, as courses are not open to the general public. For more information about joining the K12 Outreach Center, or to become or recommend an Adjunct Instructor, please contact Lori Kerns at lori.kerns@tulsacc.edu.

Partner School Districts:  Broken Arrow, Jenks, Skiatook, Berryhill, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Community Action Project (CAP), Metro Christian Academy, Tulsa Tech

New classes added weekly.  All classes held at TCC Metro Campus, Room 523B


Class Name



Understanding Your Purpose in School Leadership Nov. 9, 2015 Will Parker
Understanding Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Nov. 19, 2015 Susan St. John-Oliver
Ethics for School-Based Mental Health Practitioners  Dec. 8, 2015 Susan St. John-Oliver
Feisty Behavior: What Do I Do?  (PK-3) Dec. 10, 2015 Amy Fain
Teaching Traits-Based Writing through Best Practices Jan. 14, 2016 Sheila Martin
Brain Development and How to Facilitate It! Jan. 20, 2016 Amy Fain
Focused Strategic Planning: How Do I Develop and Implement a New Education Initiative Successfully? Jan. 26, 2016 Missy Bush
Help!  I will be a new teacher!  What do I do? Jan. 28, 2016 Jennifer Thomas
Becoming a Cultural Responsive Educator (PK-12) Feb. 3, 2016 Carolyn Thomas
Today Matters Feb. 10, 2016 Steve Watkins
STEM Learning Think Tank: Strategies that Engage the Mind Feb. 17, 2016 Shan Glandon, Rose Pixley
Teaching Effective Study Habits Feb. 25, 2016 Mendy Stewart
Aiming for Understanding in the Elementary Classroom Mar. 1, 2016 Rose Pixley, Tonya Morgan
Aiming for Understanding in the Secondary Classroom Mar. 8, 2016 Rose Pixley, Tonya Morgan
Incorporating STEM Activities in Every Secondary Classroom Mar. 28, 2016 Richelle Krumsiek
The Long Look: Using Conversation and Argumentation to Explore Multiple Perspectives Mar. 30, 2016 Shan Glandon, Mary Moeller
Lego-eracy: Using Lego to Promote Literacy in Your School and Library Apr. 4, 2016 Alex Gates
The RTI Process: Supporting Students through Teamwork and Interventions April 13, 2016 Mark Officer, Jennifer Peterson
Elementary Learning Walk Apr. 28, 2016 Dr. Lisa Muller
More classes to be added - keep checking back